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Fresh, Free & Lovin' It!


Alessandra Liverani


Is you goal to quit smoking? Then this may not be the website for you. Is your goal to become a happy, fresh air breather? Then this is the website for you. What's the difference between quitting smoking and becoming a happy, fresh air breather? With one, you quit smoking but you continually crave them. You have not stopped the addiction. With the other, you cure the addiction and then you have no desire or feel any need to inhale noxious fumes ever again.

I read Allen Carr's brilliant book "Easy Way To Stop Smoking" which inspired me to write many humorous but insightful poems. I hope they will help you enjoy the process of becoming a fresh air breather once again. They are under the "Become A Fresh Air Breather!" menu.

A simple relaxation technique is taking long, slow, deep breaths of fresh air. If you can slow your breathing down, you will naturally relax.

Here are links from where you can download a recorded version of my poems.

Free Download of Individual Mp3s of Poems

Free Download of Zipped File of Mp3s of Poems

If you have the time, I would appreciate you letting me know what you think of my website.

Thank you, Alessandra